Private Coaching

Targeted Individual Coaching :

We at DCF understand the necessity of specialized training regimen for those who wish to excel and take the competition with a lead. We have designed programme modules targeted for special requirements of those who don’t want to settle for routine. Tailor-made programmes can also be created catering to individual needs after discussions.

Specialized individual coaching can be done in a small group or a bigger group with focus on every one individual. Experienced coaches and experts will watch and analyze your strength and weakness and suggest remedial measures.

We have specialized coaching programmes for spin bowlers and for the batsman desiring to play spinners on the Indian wickets with ease.

Coaching – Schedule
Sr. No. Duration Number of sessions Indian Residents
(Without food and accommodation)
Foreign residents
(Without food and accommodation)
1. 4 Weeks A. 14Net practice sessions (3 hours each)
B. 4 Physical fitnesssessions
C. 2 Mental skill session
D. 2 Friendly Fixtures
30,000. USD1000.00
2. 8 Weeks A. 24 Net Practice sessions
B. 10 Physical Fitness sessions
C. 6 Mental skill session
D. 5 Friendly Fixtures
50,000.00 USD 1400.00
3. 12 Weeks A. 32 Net Practice sessions
B. 12 Physical Fitness sessions
C. 6 Mental skill session
D. 2 special interactions with Test players
E. 8 friendly Fixtures
70,000.00 USD 2000,00.00

Dronacharya Cricket Foundation has tied up with few Bed and Breakfast accommodations and budget hotels located near Academy to make your stay comfortable and while allowing you to spend more time at the nets.